Gladstone – Shoal Creek Trail YRE

About the walk

Although surrounded by the City of Gladstone and the greater Kansas City metro area, Maple Woods Conservation Area and the woodlands surrounding the Shoal Creek Trail are a reminder of the wild lands that once dominated this area just 200 years ago. This old-growth forest is a National Natural Landmark and contains impressive black maple (a variety of sugar maple), northern red, white and bur oaks; bitternut and shagbark hickory, red elm, basswood, black walnut, and white ash. Because of the abundance of sugar maples the fall colors are typically outstanding. You will also get to see the famous Missouri Pawpaws which are abundant in the forests understory. These small trees are relatives of tropical trees that produce fruit and is the largest tree fruit native to the U.S. This walk will also take your through the campus of Maple Woods Community College where you can take a quick break before heading back to the trail. You’ll be in the city and never know it!

Start Point:
Hyvee Grocery Store
7117 N. Prospect
Gladstone, MO 64119

Walk box is located on the customer service counter. You will drive approximately 1.5 miles to the actual walk start location.

Hours of Operations:
Daily: 7 AM to 10 PM