Olathe, KS – Bike YRE

About the Bike Event

This route will take bikers from the historic Mahaffie Statecoach historic site along a bike trail throughout Olathe, KS. The Mahaffie Trail leads to the larger Indian Creek Trail and Garry L Haller Trail on paved paths with few hills.

Start Point:
Remote Start for Map and information
Please email POC for directions and to get your books stamped at Andrew Banton Start points either at the Mahaffie Park parking lot or Northgate access parking lot in Olathe, Kansas.

Goggle Map of Start Location

Hours of Operations:

AVA information:

Bike Distance: 13 KM and 25 KM
Trail Rating: 1B

Special Programs: Doin’ The Louisiana Purchase, Bridges – Spanning The USA, Take a Walk In a City Park.