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Kansas City, Missouri YRE

Walk Distance: 5 KM and 11 KM
Trail Rating: 2A

Special Classification:

(End - Dec 31, 2016) Cities in Song, Honoring Our Flag, National Register of Historic Place, You’ll Never Walk Alone.

(End - Dec 31, 2017) Food For Though.

(End - Dec 31, 2018) Doin’ The Louisiana Purchase, Make a Wish At a Water Fountain, State Street Sashay, Take a Walk In a City Park, Walk the USA - Street by Street.

(End - Dec 31, 2023) Border Crossing.

"Jackson County" in the Walking MO County Special Program.

About the walk

This walk will take you through the beautiful Roanoke Neighborhood, which includes some of the most beautiful old homes in the KC Area. You'll also walk by the home of famous artist Thomas Hart Benton. The walk then continues into Kansas (great border crossing!) as you pass by world famous KU Medical Center. The walk then heads through one of the oldest neighborhoods in Kansas City as you return back to enjoy the food and food in Westport. This walk is on city sidewalks and paved walking trails.

Hours of Operations:
Daily: 7 AM to 10 PM

Directions to the start point:
Sun fresh Grocery
4001 Mill St
Kansas City, MO 64111

Please park at back of parking lot away from the building.

The walk box is located at the Customer Service counter.

Update: DEC 18, 2016

Version 3.3